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SMA Solar Inverter in Victoria

A leading PV system technology specialist across the world, SMA is putting benchmark for providing the decentralized, digital and renewable energy. SMA has spread its wings across 18 countries with more than 3000 SMA employees. The company has tied up with many companies to extend its helping hand in transforming a self-sufficient, decentralised and renewable energy supply.

SMA solar inverters are famous for its enhanced electricity production capability through its highly efficient products of up to 99%. The company has honoured with many awards for its solar inverter products including solar inverters for roof top systems, major solar projects and off-grid systems, enabling SMA to provide a technically optimized inverter solution for all size categories and system types.

SMA Solar Technology is a market leader for solar inverters and it is also a leading supplier of transformers and chokes, and it is a provider of innovative energy supply solutions for mass transit and main-line rail transportation. In addition, it has an intelligent system manager which is responsible for yield monitoring and grid management. SMA Solar inverters are categorised by a particularly high efficiency. SMA inverters provide a technically optimized inverter solution for all the size categories and the system types. The range of services is complemented by a wide service network.