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Buy Fronius Solar Primo and Hybrid Inverter

An Austria based international firm, Fronius is a leading firm in welding technology, photovoltaic and battery charging technology. Its solar energy has been involved in PV from 1992 and has developed and produced top-end hybrid inverters for grid connected photovoltaic system from 1KW capacity onwards. Their products are mainly complemented for system monitoring, data visualisation and analysis with a standalone product range.

Being a popular Australian brand for Battery Charging Systems, we develop innovative technology and solutions for monitoring and controlling energy for many purposes including battery charging systems, welding technology and solar electronics.

We are the world champions at robot welding and technological leader for arc and resistance spot welding. Along with that we hold an expertise in the entire spectrum of division welding technology: MMA, TIG, MIG/MAG, Plasma and Laser Hybrid.

The products at Fronius are of high quality with an evident high-performance, grid-connected inverters, as well as Fronius offer an entire range of equipments for system monitoring.