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June 29, 2019


These systems combines the best from grid-tied and off-grid Solar PV systems. These systems can either be described as off-grid solar with utility backup power, or grid-tied solar with extra battery storage from solar back into utility grid. They enable energy independence by reduction in power consumption from the grid.
These systems generate their own electricity and also, are connected to the utility grid. They give us opportunity to save and earn revenue by generating electricity. The advantage of these systems are that when required they could take electricity from the utility grid as well as feed back excess electricity generated from solar into utility grid.
These systems are stand-alone Solar PV systems which generate electricity that is self-sufficient and do not have to rely on electricity from the grid. These systems include batteries that stores the electricity generated by the solar panels so we get electricity during the day as well as night. It helps you minimise your carbon footprint and encourages local sourcing of the power needs.